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Recent Reports

  • +1 (559) 307-4257
    Jamard Reese
    Category: Unknown Calls
    22:13 2018-09-01
    this is a scam about ´health insurance´
  • +1 (705) 591-4024
    Darlene Maxwell
    Category: Unknown Calls
    22:13 2018-09-01
  • +1 (603) 848-6289
    Leigh Bates
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    22:12 2018-09-01
    Great guy
  • +1 (317) 917-9735
    Scott Arnold
    Category: Voice Calls
    22:12 2018-09-01
    Received a text message from this number so it can´t be a land line.
  • +1 (614) 325-9914
    Carrie Durham
    Category: Voice Calls
    22:11 2018-09-01
  • +1 (646) 682-0915
    Vincent Cadge
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    22:10 2018-09-01
    Called me today and left a message. Said to call back immediately or I would be arrested by the IRS within 24 IRS. So I called back to play with them - you should do it too and just for fun. Another Indian said he was from the IRS. I asked him why it seems like everyone who calls me from the IRS has an Indian accent??? I asked for his agent number to which he gave me a number that is not like real IRS agents (MTM2849) which answer the IRS phones - because if you ever called them, you would know that they are all digits. These losers can´t even run a intelligent scam (STUPID Indians probably sitting in some mud hut in Bombay and using VPN)! I asked them to give me my SSN because they called me. They made up some number and I laughed and said, \"Don´t you think that you would know my SSN if you were going to arrest me?\" Then started using the f-word and various others before he hung up. Idiots. All of them. Which is probably why they are living in poverty and have to relegate their entire lives to running scams.
  • +1 (757) 693-3115
    Hugh Crethar
    Category: Harassing Calls
    22:09 2018-09-01
    I would like to no who this person is
  • +1 (484) 424-6070
    George Brown
    Category: Harassing Calls
    22:09 2018-09-01
    484-424-6070 This is a scammer who will call you and try to get your SS number. Says is calling from the gov´t. Do not give your info out, and report her.
  • +1 (774) 298-0273
    Alfonso Afos
    Category: Harassing Calls
    22:09 2018-09-01
    Trying to scam local Auto Detailers in Dallas. Since we all usually have a pressure washer, he wants to know if we will “pressure wash his house and do we accept credit cards”. Pressure washing houses usually brings in a lot of money. But this text had a lot of broken English and the immediate request to accept credit cards usually gives it away as a scam.
  • +1 (609) 385-0067
    Marilyn Crandall
    Category: Harassing Calls
    22:08 2018-09-01
    IRS Scam call
  • +1 (202) 268-2962
    James Daniel
    Category: Harassing Calls
    22:07 2018-09-01
    Scam. Said I have 4 outstanding charges against me, told to call back this number. Used incorrect grammar so you know it’s a fraud!
  • +1 (316) 304-1776
    Mariana Roberson
    Category: Harassing Calls
    22:06 2018-09-01
    I have no idea who this person is, but when I called the number they didn´t want to tell me who they were or why they were calling me.
  • +1 (435) 275-7200
    Alexandra Chica
    Category: Unknown Calls
    22:04 2018-09-01
    Called me without leaving a message. I´m on the do-not-call list.
  • +1 (843) 232-5562
    Gerald Lewis
    Category: Voice Calls
    22:04 2018-09-01
    They called twice in past 2 days, no message. Answered once and was empty line. Called back and said number was disconnected. Now blocked
  • +1 (586) 802-5310
    Fred Sponsler
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    22:04 2018-09-01
    Don´t check messages from this #.It is not appropriat to viw.

Recent user feedback

+1 (725) 963-8956 Delete
  • tricia tamkin 07:55 2021-05-11
    Category: Other Calls
    trying to cheat me and follow me . first told me i am your friend when i stopped talking followed me on instagram. sending dirty texts. calling me 1 pm totally drunk man
+1 (892) 943-6779 Delete
  • Laddie Coburn 07:51 2021-05-11
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    She called me and asked my name profession and delivery method which is cod
+1 (844) 859-5972 Delete
  • Orell Washington 07:37 2021-05-11
    Category: Safe Calls
    as a lava customer and intimidate me that if if will not tell her our personal information she is going to lock my phone.
+1 (733) 057-6926 Delete
  • Dresden Wertz 07:19 2021-05-11
    Category: Other Calls
    Offering online and offline jobs for Money, he is a scam, a fraud. people be aware
+1 (869) 042-3416 Delete
  • Lidia Lujan prieto 07:18 2021-05-11
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Unknown personmessaging me please give me information