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  • Guest 16:44 2020-08-04
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Called, no voice, automatically hung up after 20 sec
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  • Cj 01:53 2020-08-02
    Category: Safe Calls
    I’m wondering where the information came from, or maybe just how old it is? That’s not the owner, location, type or company. It’s mine, a cell number (not landline, nor that company) for at least 8 years now. Although since around Halloween of 2019 I have had people ring me and say they missed my call who am I, and I’ve never dialed their number. Heck two days in a row a couple people did that and my phone was messed up and not even making calls out that day. Hasn’t happened much lately though.
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  • Codey 01:40 2020-08-02
    Category: Other Calls
    They’ve cloned this poor mans #, just like the rest... here was the voicemail this number left me and was transcribed by my service. No it’s not a typo, it glitched a few seconds in “” It’s Ashley from processing hey it’s Ashley from processing I was just calling to let you know that we do have your preapproved amount back a hardship program and we were able to get you up to $40,000 so if you could just give me a call back we can go over the details my number is 877-282-3337 and you can ask for me or any one of the representatives again the number is 877-282-3337 so I hope to hear from you soon and have a great day”” Caller ID said Alabaster AL.
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  • madmaxxx 12:00 2020-07-29
    Category: Safe Calls
    Купить цифровые версии игр XBOX ONE +
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  • Darlene Dixon 09:43 2020-07-29
    Category: Harassing Calls
    Substance abuse treatment center.