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  • Howard Eakin 2023-05-29
    Category: Unknown Calls
    called me saying that I had called them, which is a lie, I did not call them.
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  • Nicholas Cote 2023-05-29
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    making false allegations against Georgia football player.
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  • Brandon lee siordia 2023-05-29
    Category: Voice Calls
    Ive got numerous rings with this no. over the course of the last 18 months. when we do not reply the phone, the person calling does not pass on a msg. when we do reply the phone, we recognise the line was connectd cos we can hear the faint static of a active connection however there was no one at the other end. soon as we ring the no. back, we instantly get a msg that says, 'Your ring cant be completed. ' this was clearly not a telephone firm msg.
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  • Patty Earnest 2023-05-29
    Category: Unknown Calls
    This old man was not only obnoxiously rude, but also a prankster!! I am an escort, and this man called my phone number inquiring about my services, scheduled an appointment, and then never bothered to show up! When I called to find out where he was, he offensively complained about my prices being too high, after-the-fact, wasting a great deal of my time as a result!! Beware if he calls you and attempts to be interested and sets up an appointment, as he may not very well show up for it! CREEPER!!
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  • Daniel McLane 2023-05-29
    Category: Harassing Calls
    slacking where he should be packing
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  • donna pike 2023-05-29
    Category: Unknown Calls
    I do not know who this person is
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  • Y 2023-05-29
    Category: Unsafe Calls
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  • Ellet Hill 2023-05-29
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Unwanted Calls necessitated submitting an issue regarding 9104951887 in North Carolina with the FCC on 2020-04-28
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  • Laura Plachowski 2023-05-29
    Category: Unknown Calls
    John with "medical services" calls at random times for some type of solicitation but it is a recorded message and when called back it says "Thank you for calling, to speak to a representative dial zero" Loser solicitors will not cease and desist.....
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  • Ellie Leish 2023-05-29
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Received the call. They called twice. I called the number back from a land line and the person had a caribbean accent but acted like they had no idea about the call. They hung up on me.