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  • Patrick Riegel 2023-01-28
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Do not hang up the phone this is an important message about your Google listing from always this media we have tried numerous times to contact you your Google listing may not be claimed in verified press 1 now to check the status of your listing to ensure it is active and correct if your information is listed incorrectly it could cause your customers to not be able to find you or no longer think you are in business press 1 now to check the status of your listing Press 2 to be removed from our list.
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  • Raynaldo Maestas 2023-01-28
    Category: Unknown Calls
    They called, left message saying they had to get important papers to Mr. "ABC" and my name was left as a point of contact. They would try to deliver said papers to Address 1 & 2. If unable to deliver/make contact they would deliver to Address 3 and them proceeded to recite my address.. Who are these people and how did my name, address and phone get brought into the mix for someone I don't know????? when I tried calling back the number on my caller id it had a strange ring (sounded international). When I googled the number it showed as a FAX number for a VA county government office.
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  • wilkins dipre 2023-01-28
    Category: Harassing Calls
    Mine said B Mc Grath Field investigator
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  • Alana Minor 2023-01-28
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Spam caller spam caller
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  • Albert Bapties 2023-01-28
    Category: Unknown Calls
    They called me over a debt to capital one from1998, threatening me to be served a summons for fraud. Laughable, as the statute of limitations for both credit fraud and collectability have long since expired. DON'T BELIEVE A THING THESE COLLECTION BULLIES TRY TO THREATEN YOU WITH
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  • Alex Pittman 2023-01-28
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Section 8 spam text to website
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  • Guest 2023-01-28
    Category: Safe Calls
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  • Guest 2023-01-28
    Category: Unknown Calls
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  • tony ash 2023-01-28
    Category: Harassing Calls
    I don't know if it is spam, but it's not in my contacts -and sent weird message. Blocked.
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  • Negin moayer 2023-01-28
    Category: Other Calls
    Idiots - Called me 4 times without saying anything.