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  • Kathy Dockery 2023-11-28
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Sent text message of genitals.
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  • Renee Singleton 2023-11-28
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    person calling identifies himself as:David BlaineorMarvin JudkinsHe has stolen identities & was making use of the above 2 names & their cc info to attempt to purchase product. This info should go the the state police & FBI since these people are crossing state lines doing this. Claims she was purchasing product for:Orphans Homes CO. Ltd. 5491 Out Land RoadAccra-Ghanna 00233West AfricaThey are making use of a bogus freight forwarder called:Logistic Seaway
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  • Leanne Whiteford 2023-11-28
    Category: Unknown Calls
    No I'll.
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  • Nichole Petrusha 2023-11-28
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Records show that you have not updated your free Kugel business listing press 1 now to verify and update your Google listing press 90 be removed from the list again press 1 verify it update your Google listing.
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  • Darla Mills 2023-11-28
    Category: Unknown Calls
    This number has been calling my friends and i and has been insulting and threatening us.
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  • James balswin sus 2023-11-28
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Rude rude rude!!
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  • Emmjitt Pero 2023-11-28
    Category: Harassing Calls
    Hello hi this is Kim I'm calling from dealer processing department regarding your vehicle warranty we send you a couple of notices in the mail letting you know that the warranty on your vehicle has expired or is set to expire and this is a courtesy call for you to renew the warranty would you like to hear our options about getting back under coverage Hello.
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  • Scott Green 2023-11-28
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Do you need health insurance?
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  • Nikki Bryant 2023-11-28
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Phone rang. I didn´t recognize the number. Have been getting various unwanted calls so didn´t answer. Caller left no message.
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  • Brian kalkopf 2023-11-28
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    FCC Complaint: Abandoned Calls