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  • Danielle Ostuni 2024-04-13
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Get this call every other day. Always the same guy with an accent. States to be with AT&T DirecTV, and that my existing package qualifies for a 50% off. I do not have a package plan with them. Tells me to call back on the number I see on my caller ID, and does not provide his name.
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  • Marily Gonzalez 2024-04-13
    Category: Harassing Calls
    Did not leave message. Telemarketer??
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  • David Mahnke 2024-04-13
    Category: Harassing Calls
    person calling is phoning with Mexico. soon as we rang back, this did not go through.
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  • Floyd a mclamb 2024-04-13
    Category: Unknown Calls
    I received the same thing it is all a scam. Avoid sending any information to this person as they do it as a means to identity theft.
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  • Raymond Smiley 2024-04-13
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Don't even remember the call
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  • Daniel Ophardt 2024-04-13
    Category: Harassing Calls
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  • English John 2024-04-13
    Category: Harassing Calls
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  • Betty Logan 2024-04-13
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Hi this is Allison calling I just wanted to inform you that your home loan is flagged is eligible for both the payment and rate reduction as well as potentially getting cash out from your home's equity would you like to see what you're helpful for.
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  • Elisha Thorne 2024-04-13
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Vmail proclaiming $74 rebate with Verizon, sounds phony
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  • Katrina Forrester 2024-04-13
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Selling cruises