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Apple Watch Series 4 Have beautiful skin

Source: phonearena Release Time: 09:44:46 2018-09-20

There are a lot of things to like about the Apple Watch Series 4, starting with a groundbreaking albeit controversial ECG monitoring feature, fall detection, plenty of extra screen real estate, improved cellular signal, a louder speaker, better sound quality, and double the speed of the product’s already zippy predecessor.

Some new watch faces may feel like a trivial “upgrade” compared to that long list of meaningful add-ons and enhancements, but sometimes it’s the small stuff that sets Apple apart from the competition.

If you want something simpler and artsier to greet you on your hot new Apple Watch’s home screen, the company also unveiled Vapor, Liquid Metal, Fire, and Water faces on September 12, hyping them up by saying they “react uniquely with the curved edges of the case.”

What we didn’t know until today is the fire, water, and vapor effects were obtained by... actually recording fire, water, and vapor. Not only that, but Apple even had employees in charge of building various structures that were eventually set on fire for the purposes of creating these eye-catching Apple Watch Series 4 faces.


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