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The scam calls hotel guests to obtain their credit card numbers

Source: betrugspor Release Time: 03:04:23 2020-09-19

The scam that takes guests away from the hotel is an unprecedented new scam. Several hotel guests were called by an unknown person and asked for their credit card number. The caller pretends to be an employee, pretends to be a receptionist, and pretends that the money should be transferred back to the guest's account.

Since the guests found this suspicious, they asked at the reception desk. In fact, the employees there did not make these calls and immediately called the police. Fortunately, as shown in previous investigations, no guests were harmed, and the fraudsters did not know the data of the guests.

Now, the police will regularly warn you of fraudulent calls. In most cases, criminals will call victims at home, pretending to be grandsons, old friends, Microsoft employees, or even the police. However, the offender’s approach is different from these actions. Therefore, the police clearly hope to face this kind of fraud.


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