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Incidents of matrimony scams are on the rise and are affecting both male and females alike

Source: timesofind Release Time: 04:44:50 2019-12-30

Recently, a Punebasedtechie lost Rs 10 lakh to a conman whom she got in contact with on a matrimonial website. Incidents of matrimony scams are on the rise and are affecting both male and females alike. The Ministry of Home Affairs through its cyber-safety and cybersecurity handle- Cyber Dost- recently listed out some dos and don’ts for people looking for a marriage partner on matrimony websites. “Create and use new email id for registering on matrimonial websites. Preferably, use email as a source of communication and do not share your personal data such as; photo, phone number, residential address, etc. on matrimonial websites,” the ministry tweeted from the official Cyber Dost Twitter handle.

The government is also suggesting that prior to registering on a matrimonial website, check authenticity and reviews of the website.” Consult your friends and family to know about the reliability of the website. If possible, try to speak to people who might have found their life partners through online matrimonial platforms,” it said.

To avoid matrimonial frauds, it advised that people should try to contact at work place with family, friends, relatives, neighbours or associates of a prospective match to know more about him or her. “Share the information about the prospective match with your family. Your family should be aware of the information shared, if any, by you with the prospective match found on matrimonial website,” it added.

A typical modus operandi of a matrimony fraud is a sweet-talking girl or boy tries to convince the victim to transfer money into multiple bank accounts on the pretext of some financial emergency. Sometimes the victim might get calls from so-called custom officers who claim that their future partner has sent an expensive gift and the victim is required to send “tax money” to different bank accounts to claim the gift. In other cases, the fraudster can even fake health emergencies to squeeze money. The targets are most techies, NRIs or other high income groups.


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