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  • K 2023-05-29
    Category: Unsafe Calls
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  • Beth Schuh 2023-05-29
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Appears to be a spoofed number of a Russian phone number.
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  • Benjamin Agnini 2023-05-29
    Category: Unknown Calls
    FCC Complaint: Abandoned Calls
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  • William Amado 2023-05-29
    Category: Harassing Calls
    FCC Complaint: Abandoned Calls
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  • Hitesh Kaneria 2023-05-29
    Category: Unknown Calls
    That enemy always. Think bang. Bang. Cheating Mikey bang bang. Bang. Bang Dick even being. Limiting.
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  • Peggy Morris 2023-05-29
    Category: Harassing Calls
    Call is from westchester NY or Dibbs Ferry NY compAny is auto warranty specialist. They use various numbers from all over US it is a recorded message but you can press 1 to speak with someone always a foreign voice. Told them stop calling. Had 3 calls in one day from this company but still calls all the time
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  • Jordan Quinton 2023-05-29
    Category: Voice Calls
    Received strange message from this number
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  • Ellwood Erickson 2023-05-29
    Category: Unknown Calls
    these people ring & do not speak
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  • Guest 2023-05-29
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Cleveland St, NorthBergen
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  • Hermene Indig 2023-05-29
    Category: Unknown Calls
    This is officially in final notice from the Department of Social Security Administration and the reason you have received some calls from our department with to inform you that there is a legal enforcement action settled on your social security number for surveillance activities so when you get this message kindly call back to us at the earliest possible before we begin with the legal proceedings on our number that is 214-306-6708 I repeat 21430667 barely 8 and can you.