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Common telemarketing scams in 2020

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HMRC Scam : You may get a call from someone claiming to be from HMRC saying there is an issue with your tax refund or an unpaid tax bill. They leave a message asking you to call back. HMRC would never contact you in this way and ask for personal information and bank details.

Amazon Prime Scam: You may get a call from someone claiming to be from Amazon Prime saying you’ve been charged for an annual subscription. They then tell you that fraudsters have hacked your account to authorize payment, but it can be cancelled if you press 1 and then give access to your bank account in order to undo the hack. Amazon Prime would never ask you to do this.

The No Hang-Up Scam: This scam is a little more sophisticated than others on the list and involves hijacking the victim's phone line.The scammer will call pretending to be someone from the victim’s bank. The caller actually wants you to become suspicious and call your bank to check if there really is an issue.

The problem is that the fraudster has hijacked the phone line and the call was not hung up. The victim thinks they are speaking to a bank representative, but they are actually speaking to the scammer. By asking a few questions to “authenticate” that the victim is the account holder, the original caller will have enough details to drain the victim’s bank account.

Advance Fee Loans: This scam is very similar to the government grant scam, but instead of posing as a government representative, this call will appear to come from a financial institution representative. You will be told you’ve been approved for a loan but need to pay a small fee in order to receive the funds. You might be asked to send payment or provide banking information. Of course, you should do neither.

Computer Tech Support: This hoax involves someone calling to let you know that your computer needs updating, perhaps claiming that you have downloaded malware or your computer is at risk of having a virus. The caller will ask for remote access to your computer to fix the issue. Access can easily be provided by opening an email link and following a few simple instructions.


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