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Note! Phone scams claiming to have arrest warrants to arrest residents are happening

Source: fox6now Release Time: 01:32:36 2020-09-04

A news release says a resident recently received a call -- the phone number on the caller ID showed the call was coming from the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office (262-741-4400). The caller introduced himself as an officer with the sheriff’s office and claimed there was a warrant for the resident’s arrest for a “lawsuit”. The resident was advised to call an attorney’s office with a 718 area code so they can settle the lawsuit out of court. The resident called the 718 number and spoke with another individual who identified themselves as a federal attorney.

The resident was advised of past due debts and was given various methods of payment that would be accepted. The resident subsequently confronted the caller as to the legitimacy of the call and the conversation ended.

The resident reported the persons they spoke with had accents. The caller(s) had information pertaining to the individual (i.e. email address).

The Walworth County Sheriff’s Office wants the public to know it will not call an individual to ask for money to settle a warrant out of court. Phone numbers can be “spoofed” to make it calls look like they are originating from a legitimate entity or business.

Officials say if you receive a phone call similar to this, hang up and never give any personal information.


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