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Be wary of phone scams that offer you extended warranty for your car

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Car warranty scams have been carried out for many years, but they have indeed improved recently. You receive a call that your car warranty is about to expire, but you can pay some extra fees to extend the warranty period. It sounds like it came from your dealer or another well-known company related to it. The caller may even have information about the year, brand and model of the vehicle. They may even be selling real products. The product will be a service contract that will cost one ton, cover any item and cannot be collected. Or, they may just want to bluntly steal your money or identity.

However, if you press any button, the automatic calling program will know that they have hit the "live" number. They will call you more often. They will resell your phone to other customers over and over again because they determine that you are popular.

Of course, now this boring nonsense is old news for you. You may already know that you should hang up and then know who is calling. Most of you realize that you should not pick up the phone from the beginning.

So far, you have learned not to answer calls from numbers you do not recognize. You have learned that it seems that a phone call from a place you really know—the police station, your credit card company, someone in your area code—may defraud your caller ID to hide its true source.

Car warranty calls are only part of the ongoing irritation of telemarketing scams and plans.

The good news is that according to the Federal Trade Commission, the number of people deceived has decreased. The bad news is that the kidnapped are defrauded of more money. The average loss per victim last year was $ 700.

For most of these days, the problem is not only to avoid fraud itself, but to avoid annoying calls.

When the number of robocalls started to surpass real phones, many of us got rid of landline phones. But now, they also brought us to the phone. And many scams have made text messages transferable. (Professional tip: if someone sends you a link, do n’t click on it!)


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