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HSBC customers beware of token activation fraud

Source: hsbc.co.uk Release Time: 01:42:16 2020-03-22

Some HSBC customers are being targeted by fraudsters who want access to Secure Key activation codes. These codes, generated by either a physical Secure Key or Digital Secure Key, can be used to gain access to your online banking. Secure Key activation codes are not used to stop or block payments.

You may receive a call from someone claiming to be from your bank: the fraudster will say a large payment is due to leave your account and they’ll ask whether you authorised this when you say no, they’ll then offer to stop the payment for you they may be sympathetic and even tell you they will not ask for your PIN or password they’ll try to establish what kind of Secure Key you have – a physical one or a Digital Secure Key the fraudster will then ask you to generate a code from your Secure Key and let them know what it is If you hand over your Secure Key activation code, the fraudster will be able to take over your online banking and authorise transactions from your account.

You may receive an SMS message from someone claiming to be from the bank. They may ask you to reply to the message with your Secure Key activation code, or to call them and take you through the similar steps above.

HSBC will never ask you for your Secure Key code. We’ll also never ask for any PINs or passwords. If you’re ever in doubt, hang up the phone and don’t reply to the text. Contact HSBC directly from a number you know to be genuine.


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