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Please be wary of 6 types of fraud against your bank account

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According to the 2018 BBB Fraud Tracker Annual Risk Report, more than 50,000 people submitted fraud reports to the Business Improvement Board in 2018. Although the median loss of these frauds is $152, some victims have spent thousands of dollars - the money may never be recovered. Unlike credit card fraud, the maximum liability under federal law is $50, which does not protect against bank fraud. “You are responsible for depositing your account,” explains Liz Cackowski, a certified financial crime investigator and corporate fraud manager at the financial firm Bryn Mawr Trust. Scammers often persuade victims to deposit fake checks and forward some of their cash to them. When the inspection is found to be fraudulent, the scammer has disappeared and the victim can pay for the bad check. "It's a scam part of the technology used to get someone involved in fraud," Cackowski said.

Note these common scams for your bank account: 1. Check for excessive fraud. 2. Credit card and bank account fraud. 3. Charity scam. 4. Online lending fraud. 5. Employment scams. 6. Reward scams.

Be sure to remember these common scams and tips before putting your money at risk. The most important thing is, "Don't pay for something over the phone (you didn't initiate it)," Foguth said. "Just don't do this."


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