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Phone fraud: Your child is in danger of being arrested and needs money

Source: admin Release Time: 04:30:31 2019-02-20

"Hello Miss, is a lawyer of XXX, his son was involved in the accident, currently in the military camp of the gendarmerie, they need money to avoid being arrested." It looks like this Pasquale Micallo, who is 42 years old in Naples As a lawyer, he first scammed into the trap and desperate about the old lady of his son's fate, giving the unknown villain all in his house, or about 600 euros in cash and family jewelry.

Given the first success, the man repeated the same deception and damaged another old woman, Tornareccio. However this time, the victim, suspicious, warned his son that he was still in the military camp was still thinking, in turn, to understand what happened, he immediately informed the police ATESSA, to the real mess, who immediately set up the network to intercept the malvivente service.

Vistosi found and noticed that the police patrol was taking into account a steep and dangerous escape to his car at the edge of the center of the country, driving through the narrow streets of Paesane hard to fight the serious citizens who participated in the suspected shooting scene.

Through the ATESSA Association's police immediately chased, the man did not show the intention to stop, even speeded up the pace, and maintained a highly dangerous driving for the public and the soldiers with his short distance following him. In view of the need to interrupt the dangerous situation, one of the soldiers fired a gun at the wheel of the vehicle, forcing the mob to stop. As a result, the man was arrested and arrested by Atessana’s effective core and radio station soldiers.

Together with him, he removed the money and jewelry from the old lady of Archi earlier, and they were retrieved and sent back to the woman.

The immediate coverage of Ms. Tornareccio and her son allowed for timely intervention so that both hands were placed in the bag to surprise the criminal. This is important, then, who has the opportunity to spread so that it can be single, the elderly, inform, in every suspicious situation, once the news of the police, journalists and all agencies cooperate with Carabinieri or other police forces, what happened.


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