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Trump turns into Santa Claus to answer the phone call from the child

Source: WASHINGTON Release Time: 04:35:26 2018-12-25

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump answered the phone on Christmas Eve, the children who are eager to find Santa Claus.

Trump asked a child if he still believed in Santa Claus and told another child "I will talk to you again." First Lady Melanie Trump joined the president and told the caller Santa Claus in the Sahara. A few minutes later, she reported that Santa Claus was far away in Morocco but would be in the caller’s home on Christmas morning.

The NORAD Tracks Santa program was not affected by the government's closure. It is operated by volunteers at the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado using pre-approved Defense Department funds.

In 1955, a child mistakenly called it the forerunner of the North American Aerospace Defense Command and asked to talk to Santa Claus, which became a tradition of Christmas Eve.


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