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Please immediately hang up the phone that pretends to be a Chinese consulate official

Source: admin Release Time: 01:34:08 2018-12-05

We learned about international phone fraud for members of the Chinese community. Fraudulent Callers who usually pretend to be Chinese consulate staff say that the person who called the call is waiting for the consulate to collect it. The scammer claims that the package is part of a criminal investigation and attempts to persuade anyone who is asked to solve the problem by remittance or credit card payment.

The scam usually starts with an automated robocall in Mandarin, but if the button is pressed while prompted during an automatic message, the victim may connect to the real-time scammer.

If you receive this call or a similar call, hang up immediately. As a reminder, never provide personal or financial information, such as an account number, social security number, mother's maiden name, password, or other information - in response to a suspicious call or caller who requests immediate action. For more information on this scam, please visit the FCC website.


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    This person contacted me and said strange things. I hung up and they called right back. Blocked.
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    Something about a subscription renewal.
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