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Why do people like/dislike iPhone XS?

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Apple's latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have entered the market, and various reviews of these two new models are beginning to appear. Although the evaluation of technology products is subjective in nature, from the early results of the iPhone XS evaluation, many media and reviewers have reached very similar conclusions.

Why do they like iPhone XS?

Larger display screen This only applies to the larger iPhone XS Max, but it is still a very important recognition for Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup. Simply put, the 6.5-inch OLED display is huge, and the impression it left on the reviewers is profound.

Although the iPhone XS Max has a screen size of 6.5 inches, this does not mean that you have to put a "tablet" in your pocket. The body of the iPhone XS Max is actually about the size of the iPhone 8 Plus. In comparison, the body of this 6.5-inch model is smaller than the Samsung 6.4-inch Galaxy Note 9.

Camera improvement Compared to last year's iPhone X, Apple did not make any significant upgrades to the camera hardware on the iPhone XS.

But Apple has greatly improved the image quality of the new iPhone camera through various software and underlying changes, including intelligent HDR, portrait mode that supports out-of-focus imaging and depth of field control, etc., allowing the iPhone XS to capture more details in low light conditions. .

IP68, audio, battery life, dual card, etc. Apple's other improvements on the iPhone XS have also been praised by many reviewers. There is no doubt that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are a better generation than last year's iPhone X.

You can get better water resistance (IP68), better A12 processor, longer battery life, better sound quality and dual card dual standby function on iPhone XS. These upgrades don't mean that the iPhone X or even the iPhone 8 Plus is outdated, but the iPhone XS is worth upgrading.

Because they don't like iPhone XS?

iPhone XS is just an S update The problem with this year's Apple mobile phone lineup is that last year's iPhone X was revolutionary, and this year's iPhone upgrade is not a huge leap, or that the iPhone XS is less exciting than the iPhone X.

While the iPhone XS has significant camera improvements, processor upgrades, Gigabit LTE and other core component upgrades, these are all based on the iPhone X. Even some reviewers pointed out that this year's iPhone XS is Apple's most S-S model.

Price Before Apple released the iPhone XS, there were various rumors that Apple’s flagship iPhone will not cut prices this year. It turns out that these rumors are correct. The iPhone XS starts at $999, the same as last year's iPhone X. The iPhone XS Max has also become Apple's first model to sell for more than $1,000, reaching $1,099.

Other details Just like the incremental upgrade of the iPhone XS, the evaluators are also dissatisfied with some of the details of the latest iPhone, such as the Max version is too large, does not provide 3.5mm headphone converter and fast charge accessories. It is worth mentioning that although Apple claims that the iPhone XS uses the most durable glass in history, some reviewers said that the glass back cover of the iPhone XS Max fell on the wooden floor.

As mentioned earlier, the evaluation people's evaluation of the iPhone XS can be said to have reached a striking agreement.

If you already have an iPhone X, don't buy an iPhone XS. The reason is that the two models are too similar and it is not worth your money to upgrade.

If you are using an older iPhone model, iPhone XS will be a huge upgrade (although you may want to wait for the iPhone XR).

Similarly, the iPhone XS Max is a great phone, even if you already own an iPhone X. If you want a bigger display screen, you can consider upgrading if the economy allows.


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