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Vigilant fake IRS is calling

Source: admin Release Time: 00:56:22 2018-09-05

“The fake IRS is calling on consumers to demand immediate payment of unpaid taxes,” said Lai Ning. “They asked for payment within 24 hours. We continue to see these calls at a higher level, four times the number of calls we see in a month. They continue to ask consumers to pay immediately and by arrest or expulsion. Threatening them."

She said that another scam involved a person's active call and said that your computer had a problem.

“Consumers received a call saying their computer was sending out a detected virus,” Lai Ning explained. “You can solve some problems by connecting some money there, paying by credit card, and providing access to the computer.”

Officials always say that you should not provide personal information to anyone you don't know by phone. The US Internal Revenue Service and utility companies do not contact the public in this way for payment. If you have a complaint, please contact the Consumer Protection Department.


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  • erin 19:13 2021-02-22
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    that number is unsafe and they called me but did not leave a voicemail on my phone they need to stop the spammers
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  • MSCpunse 23:34 2021-02-19
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    Международные грузоперевозки ООО "МСК", Владивосток
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  • Guest 10:03 2021-02-19
    Category: Safe Calls
    caller is recording saying my ssi number is being used and i am going to court because a suit is against my ssi number. press 1 to talk to a rep.failure to do so ispunishable byarrest and jail.just hang up
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  • SHREVEPORT 18:01 2021-02-15
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Not sure who the caller has just received a text from with a verification code. blocked the number, too.
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  • Nicole Fancher 00:41 2021-02-12
    Category: Unsafe Calls
    Robo caller no message left on my voicemail