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Vigilantly Disguise Neighbors Phone Scam

Source: admin Release Time: 00:21:27 2018-09-04

Scammers can easily disguise the caller ID number that is very close to your phone. They can match the first six digits of your phone number. When this type of phone calls for help, is it hard to resist because you may be worried that it is a neighbor who needs help, or a school nurse. This new form of fraud is known as "neighborhood deception."

If you see such a number in the caller ID, remember that it may be fake. Let it go to voicemail is an option. If you do answer and cannot identify the caller - please hang up.

I totally agree. I placed our cell phone numbers on the DNC list and the calls have multiplied since then. We get at least 3 a day.

I have my phone set to DO NOT DISTURB All other calls are silenced and go straight to voicemail. I check my phone all the time so I won't miss any emergency calls and if they don't leave a message, it's most likely spam .

Something needs to be done, I think anyone purchasing a cell phone should be required to register it in their name with some form of ID, no more burner phones because this is what is allowed this to happen. It's about time government steps in to stop This BS from happening, I'm sick of 3-4 calls a day, every day. Even after 9pm and now on weekends too.


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    Called, went to voice mail, and had over a minute of unidentifiable background noise. Caller may not have known the call was made.
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    Car insurance spam
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    Fake AT&T call to try and get personal information for identity theft.
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